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A Brief History of the 
USS Grayback

Construction of the USS Grayback (SS-574) was authorized in 1953.  The keel was laid 1 July 1954 Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California and launched 2 July 1954 (Sponsored by Mrs. John J. Moore, widow of the last CO of the first Grayback) and commissioned 7 March 1958. The Grayback was initially designated as attack diesel submarine but conversion to guided missile submarine (SSG-574) capable of firing the Regulus II sea to surface missiles began in 1958.  The Grayback successfully launched it's first Regulus missile in September 1958. On 9 February 1959 Grayback departed Mare Island, CA for her permanent home base and arrived in Pearl Harbor, HI on 7 March 1959.  The Regulus missile program ended in 1964 and the USS Grayback was withdrawn from active service. A second conversion was authorized in 1967 and the conversion began at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard November 1967. The conversion was originally estimated at $15.2 million but actually was $30 million.  She was re-classified from a SSG to LPSS 30 August 1968 (never officially designated APSS). During conversion her sail was extended 10 feet, auxiliary tanks #3 and #4 were added to the forward position of the engine room, the missile chambers were converted to carry 67 embarked troops and SEAL swimmer delivery vehicles (SDV), and a diver's decompression chamber was constructed in the starboard hanger. By adding the auxiliary tanks to the engine room her length was extended 12 feet to an overall length of 334 feet.  The Grayback was decommissioned for the second time on 15 January 1984 at Subic Bay Naval Station in the Republic of the Philippines. After decommissioning, the USS Grayback was given the honor to make it's last and final dive in the South China Sea on 13 April 1986 where the USS Grayback remains today on eternal patrol.



Reunion 2021

Reunion Update July 2021

Hello Shipmates,

Plans have been finalized for the reunion to be held 24-29 August 2021 at the Tuscany Suites & Casino, Las Vegas NV. We used a professional reunion organizer this time, "A Complete Reunion", to do all the legwork. Here is the link to the details of the reunion. Click the Brochure link at the bottom of the page to get all the registration information. Registration deadline is July 24,

Grayback Reunion Brochure with Registration Info

For those planning on attending the 2021 Las Vegas Reunion in August there is going to be a "Ships Store". The shirts will be available for preorder, custom made for us at a reduced price from retail. If you are interested, for those attending the reunion, you will be able to pay and pickup at the Reunion. The shirts will only have USS Grayback SS-574 on them.

The embroidery on the front can be adapted to suit your wants. Silver or Gold Dolphins and your specific type boat (eg SSG-574, LPSS-574 or SS-574) There would be no difference in price Prices are SM - XL $25 2XXL - $27 3XXL - $29 Omar sized - contact for pricing Pre-Order deadline is May 20th

If you are attending you can preorder by contacting Jeff Vahala via text 360-620-1154, on Facebook Messenger, or via email @ If for some reason your plans change and you can not attend the reunion there will be an extra shipping fee of $5.00 for each shirt in addition to the price.

Shirt Front

Shirt Back

List of Registered Attendees and Years Served on Grayback:

Kent and Lorena Weekly, 1978-81

Edward and Edna Lawson, 1970-74

Joe Tattersall, 1963-64

John and Irene Chamberlain, 1971-73

Jeffery and Elsa Vahala, 1974-77

Jim and Sandy Dafoe, 1973-75

Tom Hochrine, 1979-84

Denise Brogan-Kator, 1972-76

Richard Kreh, 1963-64

Henry and Irma Chan, 1975-77

Lynn and Ann Miller, 1978-81

Mike Ballinger, 1972-75

Jeffry and Rosa Dilick, 1976-81

William Douglas, 1971-73

James "Jim" and Elizabeth Gee, 1972-75

Kevin and Kathy Clark, 1983-84

Thomas Dukes, 1973-77 & 1978-82

Craig Skarphol, 1979-81

Patrick and Brenda Deeghan. 1976-78 & 1983-84

Jeffery Fuller, 1975-80

Mike and Tess Dimmick, 1980-81 and Cora Tostevin

Gerald Tompsett, 1972-77

Lawrence Davis and Ma Elma, 1968-70

We hope you can attend and look forward to another fabulous time with old friends and the opportunity to reminisce about what, for most of us, was the high point of our naval careers. We are also looking for suggestions for a guest speaker. So if you or someone you know who can attend, would be willing to stand-in, please reply to our email with any thoughts. Or if there is really something of interest to all about Las Vegas or it's history, we can certainly investigate the local resources to see if something can be arranged.

Wishing everyone well,

p.s. if you have changed any of your other contact information in the past few years please send us the info at

Thank you, Your Reunion Committee, Kent Weekly, Mike Dimmick, Lynn Miller

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